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Muscles that BULGE make bodies that can INDULGE!

Confucius was the first to record the importance and relation of a healthy body to a healthy mind. Cong Fu Gymnastics and Swinging were the recommended exercises. History still sees the Spartans as the most physically fit society ever. They dominated the battlefield. But, it is good we are not still sending our six-year-olds into training. Even Spartan females were held to the highest fitness standards to produce strong boys. The Greeks are famous for their worship of the perfect body. Statue after statue displays the human form in both the male and female varieties. Understanding WHY you need bulging muscles can guide the exercise best for you.

Children want to play. It is the natural way to develop their bodies. Playgrounds are the perfect first fitness gym. Young bodies need to swing, jump, run, tumble, twist and turn. Injuries, bumps, bruises, or broken bones can trick the adult into avoiding play or practicing fitness. However, strong muscle structures lessen risk of injury and provide absorption of the falls, twists, and turns that life hands us. Strength is not only necessary for the playground, but to maintain steady health ground. Confucius says it is always wise to exercise.

Are you ready for battle? Spartan races, named after the fittest of human races, battle you against your strongest opponent - yourself. Muscle strength is necessary to win the private battles and in the battlefield of life. Your muscles hold the body in proper alignment and function, keep organs in good order and place, and are the second (after skin) line of defense against injury. The most significant regions to build and maintain strength are the arms, abdomen, back, and hips. Be a warrior and build your shield against injury, imbalance, and disease. The rules of Sparta say that the purpose of life is to be the ultimate realization of a true warrior.

So, how do you get muscles that look like the greatest of Greek statues? Exercise, exercise, and more exercise. Repeat movement in the muscle groups that need the most work. Increase movement capacity and resistance over time. Muscle growth will happen for the particular function you need. For overall wellbeing and to treat depression, include light resistance and increase repetition. Body-weight or low-weight bicep curls, triceps dips, knee lifts, and hamstring curls are a few that could get you started. For the function of balance, you could try squats, front and side lunges, and heel lifts. If you are inspired to look like the greatest of all Greek statues, consider whole-body workouts using planks, jumping jacks, and squat thrusts. Check with your physician about your proper place to start. Cong Fu Gymnast, Spartan Warrior, or Greek display of beauty, you have one muscular body to get through. Keep up the good fight to be well!

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