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A Crystal Ball or Your Worried Mind?

Could you wish away your biggest worry?

Worry happens when there are no clear answers to life's difficult questions. It is easy to be calm when life is good, but much more difficult when life is hard. A mental health diagnosis may mean your worry has a biological, experiential, or chemical origin. Excessive worry can lead to anxiety and anxiety leads to chronic diseases like cancer, cardiocerebrovascular disease, and even irritable bowel syndrome. So, what's a worried mind to do?

One-third of us will experience worry or anxiety in our lifetime (1).

Allopathic treatments range from counseling and therapy to medication and gut health. Check with your physician if you think you have excessive worry. Hopeful Healing health therapy can show you some tools to settle the stress and calm inner chaos while whittling away at the causes of your worry.

Movement therapy for anxiety experience.

Hopeful Healing helps you find exercise regimens that are most suitable for anxiety. Resistance exercise training (RET) and high-intensity exercises have proven effects on anxiety symptoms (2). Even though the data shows no measurable benefit of RET on worry, we worry less when we move more! Data shows that the higher intensity of exercise, the better (3). Even during pregnancy, women who exercise at least 150 minutes per week (under the guidance of their obstetrician) experience less anxiety than those who do not. Unfortunately, the same exercise does not seem to help with post-partum depression (4).

Light touch for sensitive places.

Reiki is another natural health therapy for worry and anxiety. Reiki is a biofield therapy that re-enforces the natural highest health function of the body. This non-invasive therapy has proven advantages to both pain and anxiety (5). Reiki uses a light touch or, in a distant application, intentional focus to expedite the natural healing processes. This approach has little risk compared to exercise, and studies suggest the benefit of Reiki is greater than that of the placebo (6).

Crystal Ball or Magic Eight Ball?

The crystal ball is about as helpful as those 1950s Magic Eight Balls. Worrying and anxiety arise from excessive thoughts about life's problems. General worry aside, mental health disease and difficult health experiences are valid worry points. Hopeful Healing health therapy is here to help you navigate the best health path. No need for a crystal ball or a bitch brain, Hopeful Healing guides you to your highest health potential.

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