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REACH for your highest health potential!


Health Therapy

Health Therapy is the practice of goal-specific holistic techniques to maintain wellbeing regardless of life challenges.  Health is may be transient, but wisdom is not.  Hopeful Healing can teach you to navigate your best life through life's most difficult times.  We invite you to the most important journey you will ever venture - the journey of total control over your health perception.  
This holistically-based programming is specific to your needs and goals.  Weekly appointments transition into monthly support.  Learn valuable tools to navigate any challenge with positive progress.   Together, we can change the trajectory of your health, function, and wellbeing.


Body &  Mind Health



Personal Training
Tai Chi
Neuromuscular Health
Medical Fitness
Group Exercise
Cardiovascular Disease


Private and group instruction


Arthritis, Cancer, Heart Disease, Hypertension, Weight Control, Injury/Illness Restoration, Decreased Function, Cognitive and Physical "Poss-Abilities" Autism

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Spirit & Social

Join virtual or on-site  FUN!!!

Classes now available 

Chair YoHa

Wellness Yoga

No-Sweat Lunch Express



Music Movement

Group Personal Training

Weight Loss Programs

Group Fitness

Integrated Exercise Programs

Tai Chi for Wellbeing

Gain strength, flexibility, friendship, and wisdom.  Share in laughter, wellness education, and joy in the experience of life.  Increase your well-being while supporting others.  Improve your company, group of friends' or family's overall health with any of the classes suggested above.  Or, bring your ideas and we can create a class for your purpose.

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Mind & Spirit

Reiki Healing                 Disease Management

Meditation Lessons              Health Therapy   

Mindful Behavior               Spiritual Clarity

  Pain Management           Cognitive Health Therapy

Therapy and counsel to realign from emotional trauma, find Illness and disease acceptance, learn disease-specific lifestyle changes, invite healing through ceremony, holistic hospice care, end-of-life planning support, memorial ceremony planning, grief support, and restoration


"Nadine comes right out of the screen!  She engages each individual by name and makes the whole class feel as if they are the only one.  I don't know how she does it.  She feels like she is right in the room with us." 


~ Donna, The PEAK Center

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Nadine means Hope

The Philosophy ~

"Wellbeing arises from the extension to all peoples the benefits of medical, psychological and related knowledge essential to the fullest attainment of health."

- The World Health Organization

Education -

BA Complementary and Alternative Health.


Certification - 

Level II Usui Ryoko Reiki 

Personal Trainer 

Group Exercise Instructor

Hatha Yoga 

Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga

Tai Chi for Health


Silver Sneakers FLEX

Silver & Fit Senior Exercise.


Experience -

25 years healthcare

25 years personal caregiver

17 years hospice assistance

17 years Reiki practice

7 years fitness ​instructor

Physical health is realized through personal training, yoga, tai chi, or group exercise.  Emotional health grows with practiced mindful behavior techniques.  Spiritual health is gained as you realign to your inner compass.  Social connection gives positive projection to any difficulty.


Hopeful Healing can help you REACH for higher health!

Your health matters

Hopeful Healing Health Blogs

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